You are the proud owner of an civilian oldtimer and you like to show this vehicle to the general public,
You also like to visit the Wings and Wheels event

"Drive In Oldtimer" is the best solution!!

Visit the event with your oldtimer, park on the provided oldtimers parking.
Entry for TWO persons with vehicle 10 € (5 € if you are a membre of BFOV / FBVA (only Belgian citizens)
Visit hours from 9 AM until 5 PM.

Registration list until now

Registration list 2016
(On Saturday and Sunday 316 different vehicles were present on the event)

Vehicles, Static show

Dimensions of a stand "Oldtimer Drive In":

All vehicle stands have a width of 4 meters x 6 meters on concrete, acting as static stand for one vehicle;
A vehicle cannot be placed on the grass.

Let's go

Entry via Gate 5 visitors, see map below.
Contact the parking attendants en report yourself as an Oldtimer Drive In participant.
You will be requested to continue and report at the wheels visitors entry site. Follow the signal Oldtimer Drive In

Aan de ingang Wheels van het evenement, meldt u zich aan.
Ingang met voertuig en maximum twee personen in het voertuig.
Na betaling van 10 € ontvangt u per persoon een polsbandje. In het bezit van uw lidkaart BFOV = 5 €.
De polsbandjes zijn individueel en worden onmiddellijk en ter plaatse omgebonden.
De polsbandjes worden altijd gedragen en nooit omgewisseld of uitgeleend, ze zijn geldig voor 1 bezoekdag.
Extra personen betalen de normale toegangsprijs 10 € en ontvangen een ticket als bewijs.
Verplicht parkeren op de gereserveerde strook voor civiele oldtimers.

At the entry Wheels visitors, register yourself.
Entry with vehicle and Max two persons.
After payment 10 € you will receive a wristband per person.
The wristbands are individual en will be put immediately.
The wristbands will be carried at all times. They never will be changed or lent to others. they are valid for one day.
Additional tickets can be bought at the regular price for a visit, € 10 per person.
Mandatory parking in the reserved lane for civil oldtimers.

Vehicle movement:

In the eventzone:
No movement of motorized vehicles is permitted in the “fair” zone between 9 am and 5 pm and all traffic is at all times prohibited in the “catering” zone, apart from organizers and emergency services.
In the “wheels” zone, movement with oldtimers is allowed with the proviso that prevails the safety of the visitors and the participants. In order to insure the visitors’ safety, ALL moving vehicles are to switch on their headlights and indicators.
ALL vehicle movement is on the driver’s responsibility. The driver should have a valid driver’s license for the vehicle he is driving. A 5 km/hour speed limit is applied within the showground

Leaving the event for a moment to execute a tour is possible.

The oldtimer CatDrive

The organisation gives you the opportunity to show your vehicle at the CatDrive!!

Therefore you have to use the inscription form.
At the time, you entered on the form, a steward will ask you to move your vehicle to the CatDrive (in the middle of the event).
On this location you can use an amplified microphone to address to the public (or the steward) for about 5 minutes Need more info? info@wingsandwheels.be