Fair Militaria

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Ground space plan fair 2017

Participating in “Ursel Military History Show - Wings and Wheels 2017” is only possible after receipt of the inscription form and payment of the participation.

Prices, dimensions, additional material

The price for participation with one sales location, entry for one person and parking for the entire period is 50 Euro.
Free admission for all kids -12 years.
Please note that all allocations will be reserved for repeat booking until May 1, 2017.
Thereafter pitches will be allocated as available.

A sales location has a width of 3 metres (sales side) and a depth of 16 meters:
- 6 meters on concrete, acting as sales location
- 10 meters on the grass behind the sales location, only to put a sleeping tent, a trailer or a light caravan. Under the caravan the used water must be collected and deposited in the containers of used water.

Vehicles and parking cards

Civil vehicles are forbidden in the Wheels zone. Exceptions are only made via the organization. There is a permanent exception for vehicles belonging to the organization and emergency services.
A vehicle can be placed inside the sales location, but not on the grass.
Vehicles that are not placed in the location must be placed on the free support parking. ( Included in the price BUT THIS IS NOT A CAMPING SITE! )
The data of these vehicles shell be mentioned on the registration form.
On arrival you will receive per registered vehicle a parking card and the plate Nbr will be controlled. The parking card will be put by our stewards at the front window.

Camping facilities

A camping car, Mobil home, caravan or vehicle and tent that will not be placed on the site, nor on the support parking ?
They can be placed at the campsite but will be charged 25 € for the whole weekend. To pay at arrival. Toilets, shower and non potable water are present. You will receive a camping card.

Posibilities on the stand

Uitleg Fairzone

Renting a tent for the fair from the organization for the whole weekend

Dimensions 6 x 6 m cost for the whole weekend 180 € (constructed)
Dimensions 12 x 6 m = 360 €
Reservation via the inscription form before July 24 - 2017.
On arrival the tents are constructed. On Sunday at 1800 Hrs they will be take down.

Fair location cards and wristbands:

On arrival in the secretariat you will receive:
A Fair location card which has to be shown on demand.
A wristband (bound by the organization) for one adult. Extra wristbands are available at 15 Euro per adult.
These are required by ALL participants to wear and at request of the organization to show.
Outside the opening hours of the secretariat no participants will be allowed on the site without a wristband.

Opening hours offices:

Friday from 9 AM till 10 PM;
Saturday from 6 AM till 6 PM;
Sunday from 6 AM till 5 PM.

Building up your sales location from .... until:

Participants may set up their sales location on Friday from 9 AM till 10 PM, on Saturday from 6 AM till 8 AM and Sunday from 6 AM till 8 AM. For sellers who come from a far distance, the organization can make an exemption to Thursday PM. Stalls which are not taken Saturday and or Sunday at 8 AM could be passed on to (last-minute) candidate stallholders and this without a refund of the already paid stall fee.



Clearing, leaving your location is only permitted on Saturday and Sunday, between 6 AM and 8 AM and between 5 PM and 8 PM.
ALL participants should have left the showground at the latest by Sunday at 8 PM.

Fee to be transferred to:

Payment must be made in full by July 25, 2017. Entries received after July 25, 2017 will be subject to a 35 € surcharge.
Reserved pitches that are not paid on July 25, 2017 are passed on to other (last-minute) candidates.
The organizers have the right to refuse any subscription and this without statement of motive.

For Belgium:
Account – Name – Address beneficiary:
BE41 8601 1562 6810
BIC-code is : NICABEBB.
August Nihoulstraat 41
3270 Scherpenheuvel.

Other EU-countries:
IBAN account beneficiary: BE41 8601 1562 6810
BIC (of SWIFT-address) banc beneficiary: NICABEBB.

Stating for “FAIR 2017/ + complete name of the responsible person”.

Entertainment after closing time for visitors

The organization offers a maximum of musical entertainment ? In fact Wings and Wheels must be a nice happening, a reunion .....for every body! Closing time 2.PM.
On Fridayevening in the party tent DJ evening. Music for al ages.
On Saturday, starting from 6 PM their will be organised a BBQ, price 15 € per person. Reservation and tickets through the secretariats.
On Saturday, starting from 8 PM. Again maximum musical entertainment; mostly with live performance and a vintage VE CASABLANCA PARTY clothing and style from those days..

Permitted to sale:

Enkel militaria, militaire voertuigen en onderdelen ervan, vrij verkrijgbare wapens mits erkende handelaar of verzamelaar te zijn, vintage kledijen en antiek.
Only militaria, military vehicles and their parts are eligible for this fair, weapons on free sale in Belgium, only by authorized dealers and item collectors, vintage clothing and antiques
Following the Royal Decree of Mai 8th 2013 there are some changes made to the Royal Decree of September 20th 1991 concerning sale of historic, folkloristic and decorative weapons (HFD weapons). More Info? See
Legislation on the fair weapon sale

Not permitted to sale:

It is prohibited to sell, exchange or display any item that could lead to racial politics or xenophobia.
Any commercial activity outside the assigned Fair zone is prohibited.
Sale of fireworks, signal guns and pyrotechnic devices is prohibited

Obligation with respect to the organization:

Every stallholder must comply with the Belgian legislation and in particular the fiscal regulations.
Nor the organizers, nor their co-workers can be held responsible if stallholders would appear not in order in case of an eventual control.Each stallholder is responsible for monitoring or gardening his own property

Legal provisions:

All information's about Belgian legislation on weapon sale


Rules of the event “Wings and Wheels”.

Environmental protection:

Digging, breaking branches, damaging trees et cetera is prohibited.
ALL vehicles ALWAYS have to stay on the concrete, NEVER on the grass. (No parts hanging over the grass.)
Every participant should keep his pitch/campsite nice and clean.
Refuse bags will be distributed by the organization on arrival. Extra bags can be picked up at the secretariat
Rinsing of tableware or other similar is prohibited in the grass verges. The effluent must be collected en must not be discharged into the surface collectors.
Ursel is an active airfield; litter can cause accidents with possible fatal consequences.


Nor the organizers, nor their co-workers can be held responsible for theft, loss of or damage to the stalls or its contents and/or the vehicles and planes on display. They can also not be held responsible for accidents or for any personal injury sustained on the showground and this during the full period from 7th until August 15th, 2017.
All damage caused by a participant or a visitor shall be repaired at his expense.


Are allowed, if fitted with a solid earthling, if placed on a non-penetrable surface a maximum of 10 meters from the concrete border and if they cause no inconvenience to the environment or other participants.

Gas cylinders:

Are allowed, if fitted with a pressure regulator and the necessary couplings. Gas cylinders should be handled with great caution. Never put them in the direct sun.

Fire extinguishers:

ALL participants must have a valid and inspected fire extinguisher on the spot. A participant is liable for all damage caused by a fire.

Vehicle movement:

No movement of motorized vehicles is permitted in the “fair” zone between 9 am and 5 pm and all traffic is at all times prohibited in the “catering” zone, apart from organizers and emergency services. In the “wheels” zone, movement with civilian cars is prohibited without authorization of the organization Movements of historical military vehicles is permitted but not advised. Exception: participants to the organized tours. Each moving vehicle weighing more than 3.5 ton has to be preceded on foot by a steward of the organization. In order to insure the visitors’ safety, ALL moving vehicles are to switch on their headlights and indicators. ALL vehicle movement is on the driver’s responsibility. The driver should have a valid driver’s license for the vehicle he is driving. A 5 km/hour speed limit is applied within the showground. ALL movement of motorized vehicles is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am, apart from organizers and emergency services. No (re)fuelling of vehicles to be carried out on the showground.


Wearing German war uniforms (wehrmacht, luftwaffe) is only allowed with a written permission from the organization. The demand is best to make it already via the registration form. The permissions will be handed over on arrival.
Participants in German war uniforms are absolutely not engaged in right-wing ideas and ideologies and condemn all forms of anti-Semitism, fascism and racism. Visible SS insignia and Swastika's are totally not permitted.


Minors will only be admitted to the event when accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to sell (parts of) arms and knifes to minors.


Are allowed, if always kept on a leash and if they cause no inconvenience to co-participants and/or -visitors. They are NOT allowed in forest or forest edges.

Fire safety:

Making open fires (such as fire baskets) is strictly prohibited.


Weapons, in accordance with the current Belgian legislation, can only be carried around in the “wheels” zone and in the “re-enactment” zone. These weapons must have been neutralized, in accordance with the current Belgian legislation.

Airsoft weapons and their use.

The use of these weapons during the event is been put under a strict regulation. Any offense against the rules will have as result removal of the event.
It is prohibited to fire with these weapons without authorization of the organization en this only on the marked location.
On the foreseen locations there will be fired with the correct ammunition, called BB’s, Each user will be foreseen of protecting goggles.
Each spectator within a range of 50 m also will be foreseen of protecting goggles
The used ammunitions must be of kind biodegradable


Firing simulation ammunition is only possible provided that the group has a written permission from the organization and provided that they can submit a signed safety briefing.
Firing pyrotechnical ammunition (for example flares and fireworks) is forbidden and leads to removal from the showground without the right to any indemnification.


The use, possession, distribution of and / or trafficking in both soft and hard drugs on site are strictly prohibited. In case of violation the organization will remove the offender of the site. In the case of hard drugs the police will also be called in.


Should, in cases of force majeure, the event not proceed, then the competitors in no way cannot be able to claim any compensation.

ALL participants and their assistant/co-driver should abide by this code of domestic order. In case of an unforeseen situation, they are to obey instructions of the organization and security personnel. In case of a dispute, the participant and his assistant/co-driver will accept the final decision of the organization. Not abiding by this code of domestic order could lead to removal from the showground without the right to any indemnification. In case of a difference, the Dutch code of domestic order applies.

Once entered at the event means that the participants knows and accept the house rules