Welcome to the Wings and Wheels Classis Tour & Drive-In page!
Due to the great success of the previous years in terms of participation of owners with civilian old timers at the event, the organization decided to expand this year and therefore we also offer an historic tour.
For your classic car we offer two options this year:

  1. W & W Classic Tour (historic tour & Drive-In)
  2. Drive-in

More info below!

W&W Classic Tour

Tour Details

A tour of about 70 KM passing by some military historical locations. Departure @ Ursel Airfield.

Departure from the Wings and Wheels Ursel Airfield, Entrance event via Gate 5. See map below.
(Crossing Drongengoedweg with Urselweg at the restaurant "Het Jagershof").
Follow the signs "WW Classic Tour". Via the visitor entrance, you will be guided to the Wheels entrance side, from that location you can drive up the event domain.

Stay a little longer on Saturday and enjoy the Casablanca Retro Party in the unique retro tent with the Sugar Reyford Raiders and Burlesque dance. Free access Dresscode "Vintage" can reward you with a nice price.

Access times
  • Visiting the event:

Park your vehicle on the Wings and Wheels Drive-In parking, as a static show vehicle, it will also be viewed by the general public.
Visit the event when desired.

Opening hours Saturday and Sunday 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

  • Departure for the tour:

As soon as your vehicle is on the parking lot, you can handle your necessary administration at the office tour ride.
Departures for the tour must be at:

Saturday between 10.00 AM - 03.00 PM
Sunday between 10.00 AM - 02.00 PM


30 € per person including:

  • Access to the Wings and Wheels Event (value: 10 € per person)
  • Roadbook
  • The Wings and Wheels Ralley plaque
  • A stop at the For Freedom Museum (Ramskapellestraat 91 Knokke Heist) with small Catering (fresh soup with a sandwich)
    As a participant you can, if desired, visit the beautiful museum for a price of 7 € per person (normally 10 €).
  • Evening catering at the event.
    In the form of tickets, you can use the catering available at the event.
    On Saturday we offer the possibility to finish with BBQ (You're expected at 6 PM!).
    Sign up for the tour ride with final BBQ (value 15 €) for a total price of 40 € per person.

Register below!

W&W Drive-In

Stand Details

The following places are assigned to you, as your stand.
The stand consists of:

  • A full stand has a width of 4 x 6 meters, consisting of concrete.
  • 1 place, for 1 vehicle
  • Access for 1 day with 2 persons.

Please note that no vehicles are allowed on the grass.
The organisation will thoroughly check that you abide by these rules.

The entrace of the Drive-In is entering via Gate 5 (visitors), see the Map below.
Here you should turn to the visitor entrance on the Wheels side of the airport. Follow the Oldtimer Drive-In signaling.

Vehicle Movement

No movement of motorized vehicles is permitted in the “fair” zone between 9 am and 5 pm and all traffic is at all times prohibited in the “catering” zone, apart from organizers and emergency services.
Movements with civilian vehicles are forbidden without permission of the organization.
In the “wheels” zone, movement of historical military vehicles is permitted but not advised. Exception: participants to the organized tours.
Each moving vehicle weighing more than 3.5 ton has to be preceded on foot by a steward of the organization.
In order to insure the visitors’ safety, All moving vehicles are to switch on their headlights and indicators.
All vehicle movement is on the driver’s responsibility. The driver should have a valid driver’s license for the vehicle he is driving.
5 km/h speed limit is applied within the W&W domain.
ALL movement of motorized vehicles is prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am, apart from organizers and emergency services.
No (re)fuelling of vehicles to be carried out on the showground.

Access Hours

Entrance to the event and its domain is only allowed when you are approved by the Visitors Entrance, at the Wheels side of the Airport.
This is only possible during the following hours:

  • Saturday: 9 AM until 5 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM until 5 PM

You must enter via Gate 5, which you can find on the Map below.


Visit the event with your vintage Oldtimer and park it on the oldtimers parking.
This is the strip in the middle of the airport on the Wheels side.

Entrance is available for two persons with 1 vehicle, this costs 10 €.
(In case you are a member of the BFOV, the price is 5 €)

At the visitors entrance, on the Wheels side of the event, you will need to sign up.
After payment you will receive a wristband per person, it is valid for 1 visiting day.
The wristbands are individual, our stewards will help you putting them on.
Extra people (more than two per vehicle) pay the normal admission price 10 € and receive a ticket as proof.
Mandatory parking on the reserved strip for civilian oldtimers.

Wristbands need to be worn at all times, access is prohibited without it.
These bands are personal, they cannot be changed, swapped or lent to someone else.


Should you have the need to stay the night, but you don’t have a military fashioned tent or anything, then you can do this on our specific appointed camping places. Your mobilhome, caravan or tent, joined by one vehicle can be placed on a camping spot. This spot costs €25 for the full weekend and can be requested when you arrive at the event. Toilets, showers and non-drinkable water are included in your reservation. When payment of €25 has been fulfilled, you will receive a numbered camping card, to be displayed behind the windscreen.

Subscribing Your Vehicle

Subscribing your vehicle(s) can be done via the following page: Subscribe Drive-In. Please enter all the required details and further follow-up will be done via e-mail.
A confirmation of receipt of your subscription will be sent to you via e-mail. Please note, that subscribing your vehicle(s), and attending to the event is subject to our Terms and Conditions.