For Everyone

There is a possibility of camping on Wings and Wheels!

  • Participants Wheels, Re-Enactment:

Our house regulations state that you have to use a military tent or trailer in military theme when camping at the event.
In fact, you can not use material that does not belong in the theme of the event. The organization wishes to present the event as militarily as possible to its visitors.
If you are not in possession of the above materials, but still wish to stay the night, Wings and Wheels offers the possibility to stay at a location within walking distance of the entrance.

  • Participants Fair:

If you do not wish to stay overnight at your Fair stand but rather in a separate location, we also provide you with the opportunity to camp at a location within walking distance of the entrance.

  • Visitors:

As a visitor you can, during a weekend visit, stay overnight at our campsite near the event.


Your mobile home, caravan or tent, together with one vehicle, can be placed on a camping spot. This location is short (500 m) at the entrance at the Wheels secretariat.
This place costs € 25 for the whole weekend and can be requested upon arrival at the event, or via the form below. Toilets, showers (at 700m) and non-drinking water are included in your reservation.
When a payment of € 25 is fulfilled, you will receive a numbered camping card, which must be displayed behind the windscreen.

The registration for a camping place can be combined with a weekend ticket for the event, this costs 15 €.

You can register via the form below, we will answer your registration as soon as possible via e-mail!

Subscription Camping