Welcome to the Wheels page. Here you will find more information about joining our Wheels.

Stand Details

The following places are assigned to you, as your stand.
It consists of a 4 meter wide and 10 meters concrete long stand, which is followed by another 15 meters (max) of grass long.

Full details can be found on the image on the right:

  • The full stand has a 4 meter width.
  • 10 meters concrete are for displaying your essential, military vehicle.
  • 15 meters grass are for your military tent and/or military trailers (no engines or parts that contain oil).

Please note that no vehicles are allowed on the grass and we request that all vehicles, tents and materials are in military fashion, as stated in our house rules.
The organisation will thoroughly check that you abide by these rules.

Not following these rules will result in the removal from the event and its terrain without question.

Wheels Office

At our Wheels office you are able to register your vehicle. To speed up the process we advise you to register your vehicle beforehand.
The office is located at the entrance, just before entering the airfield coming from Gate 1.

By passing our office we will register every vehicle by their number plate. You will receive a sticker with your stand number on (this number is different from your subscription number).  The sticker needs to visible at all times.
Two wristbands for adults will be granted as well. Our stewards will help you by putting them on. For this reasons all attendants need to be present at our office when arriving at the Wings and Wheels domain.

Wristbands need to be worn at all times, access is prohibited without it. These bands are personal, it is not allowed to change, swap or lent them!


The military vehicles that are shown at the event will therefore receive a sticker with the No. of the location.
Any other vehicles (for loading and unloading, as a shuttle for people) will receive a parking ticket. All cards for these vehicles are unique cards linked to the license plate.
A phone number is registered on the card. This No. is used in case of emergency or when we need to find the owner of the vehicle.
This card must also be placed behind the windscreen at all times. See the options below.

Other, non-military vehicles will receive a free, support parking card. The support parking, however, is not a place for camping in any way (caravan, mobilhome, tents …). It is solely ment for parking your other, non-military vehicles.
Please note, that these cards are unique per vehicle, as their number plates will be registered at our office.

There are two possibilities for parking your non-military, civilian vehicles:

  1. For a price of €10/day, you can park your vehicle on the extra parking place located near the Wheels Office. This is a guarded parking place between the Wheels Office and Checkpoint Charlie of gate 1. (The organisation is not responsible for anything that happens to you or your vehicle). You will receive a numbered parking card, it can be bought either at Checkpoint Charlie or the Wheels Office. For the full weekend it costs 20€,  for solely Friday or Saturday 10€ will be refunded upon checkout before 9PM. Price for Sunday is €10.
  2. As mentioned above, there is a free support parking available, but it is required to register your vehicle. This parking place is reachable through gate 1 on Friday, Saturday until 8 AM and Sunday until 8 AM.
    On all moments, after Friday, this place can be reached through Gate 5. Do note that Gate 5 is closed from 3 AM on Saturday and Sunday.



Should you have the need to stay the night, but you don’t have a military fashioned tent or anything, then you can do this on our specific appointed camping places. Your mobilhome, caravan or tent, joined by one vehicle can be placed on a camping spot. This spot costs €25 and can be requested when you arrive at the event. Toilets, showers (at 300m distance) and non-drinkable water are included in your reservation. When payment of €25 has been fulfilled you will receive a parking card, to be displayed behind the windscreen.

Access Hours

Entrance to the event and its domain is only allowed when you are approved by the Wheels Office. After your information, ID, subscription has been validated by the office you are allowed to enter.
This is only possible during the following hours:

  • Friday: 9 AM until 10 PM
  • Saturday: 7 AM until 6 PM
  • Sunday: 7 AM until 6 PM

You must enter via Gate 1, which you can find on the Map above.


For attending with a military vehicle, there is a fee of €10.
Subscribing too late (after 3rd August) means you will have to pay €5 more.
You will receive two wristbands per vehicle that you subscribe with.
Extra wristbands can be bought are for sale at the Wheels office for €10/day or €15/weekend.

A subscribed vehicle receives one spot to park on the terrain. (see above). Need more space? This is possible!
You can request the same amount of space, extra to your stand for another €10. Note, this does not include two extra wristbands.
Payment details can be found on the page About Us. Please always use your subscription number as reference.

Subscribing Your Vehicle

Subscribing your vehicle(s) can be done via the following page: Subscribe Wheels. Please enter all the required details and further follow-up will be done via e-mail.
A confirmation of receipt of your subscription will be sent to you via e-mail. Please note, that subscribing your vehicle(s), and attending to the event is subject to our Terms and Conditions.